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About Us
The global development communities and governments are making efforts to achieve Millennium Development Goals by 2015. There is a growing need of systematic efforts in monitoring and evaluating development programs to enhance accountability, transparency and governance in developing countries like Nepal. In this context, a team of professionals with experiences in monitoring and evaluating development programs realized the need to establish a separate organization with specializations in development program monitoring, evaluation and assessments possessing relevant innovations, expertise, dedication and resources.

Nepal Evaluation and Assessment Team (NEAT) works extensively in exploring and developing knowledge base on qualitative as well as quantitative aspects of evaluation and assessments. NEAT aims to bring modern innovations and approaches in study methodologies in a way that various development agencies will benefit from it.

Primary Activities
The key prioritized activities of NEAT include:
➡ Advocacy for systematic monitoring and evaluation mechanism
➡ Capacity building of government and non-government actors/institutions in Monitoring and Evaluation
➡ Conduct monitoring and evaluation related activities
➡ Build and update knowledge to develop comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system
Our Recent Projects